Friday, June 11, 2010

back & birthday.

We are back from a great trip. We got to see a lot of family and friends. I decided not to post while I was away so I could make the most out of every minute!

Yesterday was our little boy's FIRST birthday. How exciting! I struggled with what to do for his first birthday. There is a lot of pressure....well it is his FIRST birthday....we need an outfit, we need party supplies, we need a cake, we need invitations, we need it to be PERFECT!!...BUT then reality sets in....I realized a lot of what we do for these events are not for the kids. Instead the events are for the parents...we want to look like we are the best parents. If we do not throw the best party, then what will the others think?!? In this journey, it is about changing our mindset. It is trying to find ways to save money, start traditions in our own family, and focus on what really matters. Take a look at children- We buy them TONS of toys...but the children would rather have a box (really anything that isnt a toy)...Children really can teach us sooo much about easy living. They are pretty simple. Our son would rather wonder around the house carrying a child's coat hanger or one of my socks. I try to get him to play with all his toys (toys that we have purchased at garage sales or craigslist) instead he finds a piece of paper and begins to play. Are you beginning to see how much stress we add to our own lives?

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