Wednesday, June 16, 2010

blog junkie.

My husband told me I was becoming a blog junkie!ha I decided to start a blog about Easy Living...I had just found one blog that talked about frugal living. Then after I started our blog, I found sooo many other GREAT blogs....I am learning so much...about coupons, parenting, being a better wife, money advice, etc. I do not just take advice from anyone... but I do think we all need advice...I want to learn more. I am amazed how many other moms or just other people are on a journey like us....trying to change our focus. It is encouraging. I love to read other blogs by moms...see how they tackle everyday chores. I often wonder why people look down at people who look for advice or research parenting---it is one of the most important tasks we encounter, however we just think it will all come naturally......We study for school. We train for our jobs. We read books/magazines for our hobbies. BUT we think people who do any of this for parenting (or you could use marriage as an example) are kind of umm werid. Then please, don't listen to the doctor who has four kids of his own. It is kind of funny when you think about it. I KNOW. I KNOW. My great grandparents didn't need any help, but look around times have changed. I can be a parent...I can take care of Mason....I can teach him things...BUT I don't want to just "get by" with I do a lot of other items in my life. I think Mason is worth it. I know that I will make mistakes in my journey of parenting. I am not perfect. I will probably look back and wish I would have handled something differently. BUT if someone could give me advice...and I can learn from something they have already went through...or just learn better ways...I will gladly take it. I think we have the idea that if we ask for parenting "help" then we are not the best parents....I look at it differently....I think the best parents look for better ways....they understand the importance of parenting...that is why they want to learn the most about it.....

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