Sunday, June 13, 2010

thoughts about stuff.

It may come across that I don't buy anything or do anything fun...but that's not it. I am not against buying stuff...nice things....things I want. BUT I just have a different approach to it. First, I do not think I should buy a new watch (just an example) and put it on a credit card. I am not against buying anything, I just think we should rethink our we want things because someone else has them? Do we have the money to buy these items? See if I bought a new pair of jeans and didn't have the money to pay for them....I would worry the whole time how I was going to pay for think about when you add interest the price of the jeans, double or triple. HMMM.

I think we should learn a lot from our grandparents...they were frugal...they saved money for "rainy days"...they paid for stuff with CASH (something that is not normal for my generation). For us, purchasing a new boat, which my husband really wants, is not as great if we don't have the money to pay for it....I know the thought crosses your mind, if you wait to have the money, then you will never have the boat. We don't think so....if you didn't have payments (not including utilities) then how much money would you have a month?

I read this on Facebook today....."Jesus told 52 stories in the New Testament, 38 concentrated on 1 of the biggest distractions of all time: The love of money & possessions"

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