Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the happy wife?

I couldn't sleep tonight. I was just laying in bed thinking about everything. Do you ever have those nights? I started to think about my role as a wife. There is a lot of definitions for a wife in our culture today. If you don't believe me...turn on the TV...watch a couple different shows with a husband and wife...then think about the differences. I love to read books about marriage. I love to discuss marital topics. I believe we have lost the focus on the purpose of marriage. We have stepped away from what God designed. We have made our own rules and expectations. We believe that our marriage is suppose to be exactly like the movies. -The happy, beautiful wife is making a gourmet dinner in the picture perfect house. The husband is driving home from work with flowers and a hand written note- Yep, then reality sets in....the baby is crying, the dog won't even eat the dinner you just made, husband walks in with mud on his shoes, and then you wonder if you even brushed your teeth today? I am going to start a series called "the happy wife?"....We need to recapture the joy as a wife. We need to stop focusing on all the negativity. We need to choose to be the happy wife.

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