Monday, July 19, 2010

Money Mondays.

Learning to Manage takes time. At first I didn't think I had time to spend clipping coupons, looking online for coupons, going to different stores, working on a budget, meal planning, making my own cleaning products, etc. I have really been trying to learn more about grocery shopping (I hope to share all that I am learning on another post)...and I can already see that it is paying off. One of the things I am learning is I can't afford....not to take the time for all this. I look at it like this, if I save $20 at the grocery store, and it takes me let's say two hours to meal plan, look for coupons, and find the good deals....then I made $10 an hour at home while spending time with Mason. (I know it isn't great money, but better than $0!!) I just want to encourage you to take the might be surprised how much time you find...If you have a doctor's appointment, work on your budget while waiting. At every traffic light, think of a meal you would like to make.

Take time to learn how to manage your money, so the money doesn't begin to manage you!

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