Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yellow Watermelon

YELLOW Watermelon...
I just discovered this on Tuesday.
I was at Walmart with my husband, and he said he wanted to get a yellow watermelon. I thought he was talking about the rind so I said no it won't be any good...get a green one. Well we ended up with two watermelons. I went to the library to pick up a couple books. I came home to find out he wasn't talking about the rind....but the watermelon was actually YELLOW. Yes, Yellow. I was amazed. Heath couldn't believe that I had never seen yellow watermelon, and he was even more amazed that I had never heard of it. So I posted a picture on Facebook to see if I was the only person who hadn't heard of yellow watermelon. I was glad to know I wasn't.

Have you ever eaten yellow watermelon?
(The picture is a little blurry from my phone)

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