Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mud Puddles.

It has been a rainy Fourth of July. The rain stopped for a little while this afternoon. We decided to take Mason outside so he could push his little lion around. As we were all walking, Mason spotted the mud puddles. His little legs went as fast as they could...he stepped in the water...stopped...then STOMP, STOMP, STOMP. He loved it. I stood there watching our little baby boy...then I just realized how he was looking more like a little boy than a baby. Where has the time went? He is already a year old. Did I take enough pictures? (don't laugh for those who know me) Did I miss writing about something he has done? Did I make the most out of every moment?

 I am learning that children can teach us so much. Mason didn't realize while he was stomping in the water, mommy was learning a lesson. Mason will never know all that he has taught us. Today, I may have not felt like going outside. I may have not wanted to take a walk. Then I would have missed out on a great lesson from Mason. As he stomped around in the water, I began to think how we have to make the most out of every moment. We have to immerse ourselves in the moments. We have to stop and enjoy these moments....See if the rain stops tonight, there is a chance that mud puddle will not be there tomorrow. Mason may not get another chance to enjoy stomping in that exact mud puddle.
 I am just realizing more and more how precious every day is....how precious every moment is.

I am excited about the new adventures & milestones in Mason's life, but I just don't want to loose focus on taking in every moment today.

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