Saturday, May 15, 2010

Basement Update

I've been working every day in the basement while Mason takes a nap. So far I have several books on and clothes/purses on Craigslist. We have made $69.00 so far and the basement is looking better and better! Yay! I started a trash section, a sale or donate section, and a needs to be organized section.

My Plans.
1. Papers...I sat down and went through every paper we had....shred, file, toss. That was a boring afternoon.
2. Clothes...Organize all of my clothes, Heath's clothes, and clothes we are keeping in case we have another baby one day. AND get rid of a lot of clothes. I really don't know why my parents did not turn me into some kind of rehab for shopping....I currently own four 18 gallon totes of shoes, 3 totes of handbags/purses/other bags, and I will not mention the clothes :)
3. Organize Holiday decorations.
4. Figure out something to do with all of Heath's hunting gear.
5. Keep asking "do we really need this?"
6. Take pictures of a well organized clutter free basement! (WoOhOo)


  1. WOW! You are really motivating me around my house! I have come to a realization with all my things as well:) It is almost like a cleansing,haha.. I also have realized what kind of nest of money we are sitting on just here at the house haha!

    So how do you sell things on Craigs list?
    Keep me posted on some resourceful organizing tips too. I have some many things laying around the house that I know that I can re-use for organizing toys and other things.......

    Oh and I feel you on the clothing items and shoes... My number one goal for this summer, is NO MORE SHOPPING! this also means I cant gain or lose a ton of weight haaha..

  2. It is kind of sad when you look around to realize how much "stuff" we have....and so much of it I don't even use or wear. You are giving me sooo many ideas!! YAY!!!