Wednesday, May 12, 2010

clean out.

As we begin this journey, it begins to be overwhelming. There is so much one can do, but I want to start by taking small steps, completing those goals (the feeling of accomplishment is great fuel for continuing). I don't want this to be just one of those ideas we came up with but never did anything with it.

My first goal is to get rid of a lot of unused stuff in our basement. I am so overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we have accumulated since getting married two years ago! As a newly married couple, we have the "well what if we need it one day" mentality. My mom always said if you haven't used it in six months, then you don't need it. I think this is pretty true (unless it is seasonal like Christmas decor or outside furniture) I was not going to take pictures of our basement. I am actually embarrassed by how much stuff we have stored down there. BUT if I don't take pictures, I will not be as accountable. Please do not turn me into the show hoarders (haha).

Questions for this Project.
1. What are some great local places to donate to?
2. How much stuff should I keep for, if there is another baby?
3. Any advice for filling documents?
4. What are some places like Craigslist that I can sell some stuff?


  1. Personally:) I love the idea of a good old fashion yard sale! we have tons of unused stuff as well... Now that Eli is out of 6 months and under clothing and accessories(sp*) we have even more, still new and valuable, items... We also have tons of toys that we could probably get rid of;0

    Do you have any ideas on organzing toys? I would love to sort in baskets that look ok just sitting out, but everything is so expensive!

  2. We tried a yard sale out here, sold a little bit but the problem I have is too many clothes of mine. It's harder to find someone the same size once you get older...and Heath has a ton of clothes from highschool so I have to find someone who wants that!ha