Tuesday, May 25, 2010

meals & what to buy...kitchen helpers!

Organization is becoming my new best friend. I have always kept things organized & straight...but this is the next step of organization for me. I know the thought "I don't have time to do all of this" has probably ran through your mind. I am realizing, I don't have time NOT to do this. By organizing, it is making my weekly duties easier and faster. So I have more time with Mason man :) I usually keep a list of items we need to buy, or if I forget to keep an ongoing list last minute I try to write down items before running to the grocery store (which causes me to spend more!) I also spend time trying to figure out what I have or don't have before cooking dinner. Here is my new set up on the inside of my pantry door!

-two clear sheet protectors
-note pad (I know you probably have a couple free
ones laying around like we do)
-extra removable wall hooks
-pen or marker
-The first one contains meals I want to cook for the week. I know that I have all ingredients for each meal before it goes on the list. This helps me avoid starting a meal then realizing I am out of something or staring in the pantry or freezer for thirty minutes trying to figure out what to cook that night.
-The second one contains items I am out of. I put a star by the ones I need to buy on my next shopping trip. The items without stars are ones I am out of or even items we are running low on (like dish detergent), so I need to start looking for coupons or specials. This also helps me know what I can cook. For example, I am out of stuffing mix and cream of celery so I know I can't cook recipes that need these ingredients.

I really like this because it is in the kitchen. The notepad is not laying on the counter where something can spill all over it. Being organized in the kitchen makes me enjoy cooking even more. It is stressful trying to figure out what to cook when you are already hungry OR starting a meal to realize you don't have any milk!

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