Thursday, May 20, 2010

the WANT.

I started this blog a week or so ago. I did a post on Need vs. Want. Having Mason has really made me rethink. I don't want to set the wrong example, make him believe that it is all about STUFF. I realized it’s really not about having the stuff or actually wanting the stuff we have. It’s about wanting the stuff because others have it. I started this journey….and the next few days I realized how many emails I had received for retail sales…one ad actually read “the summer must haves.” Then Mother’s Day ads were sad….tell mom you love her with this diamond necklace. How about just spending time with your mom? How about just actually thanking your mom with words, that would probably mean more to her. Then after noticing all the ads…I signed on Facebook. Sally has this. Bob has that. Johnny went here.
I WANTED IT! Did I need it? Did I actually want it? No.

I’m trying to change the mentality my family has….make our wants sound more like this…I want to hear Mason laugh more. I want to teach Mason. I want to take care of my husband. I want to give more. I want to help out more. I want to hear those little feet walking to me. I want to cook dinner. I want people to know how much they mean to me. I want to take more pictures. I want pray more. I want to focus on what really matters.

See I realize all those new clothes I buy (yes, I love the feeling of ripping the tag off right before I put it on! AHH!) will be out of style next season or I might spill something on it that will not come out (yes, Heath I know I can make a mess) then I would just want to buy more…the cycle would not stop, I would never be satisfied….some one would always have something newer and better. I read this comment today “Once we stop comparing ourselves to others it is amazing how we become truly satisfied with what we have.”

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  1. I'm as bad as anyone for "wanting". I want a new truck, new treestand, new bow, new this new that. When I actually sit and think about the money spent versus what that money could do in an investment, it makes no since to go buy all the "wants" of the world. I need to save that money for the future when I'm hurt and can't work, or loose my job, or need to move, or, God forbid, die. People should evaluate the options, spend $1000 on something that they don't have the cash to purcahse so they just stick it on a credit card, then it hangs there forever eating more and more of your money, but you really "wanted" it, isn't a comfort then. Just think things thru before you buy that stuff, just because jack and jill down the road have a nicer SUV or a little bit bigger house, doesn't mean go get you one with money YOU don't have. Best advice, Be Your Own Bank!